Location Grosvenor Square, Mayfair

Reimagining Grosvenor Square

Our entry for the 2018 Corner to Corner open ideas competition; creating a destination to enjoy the beauty of nature in the heart of the capital.

The existing square lacks cohesion and energy – it has an expanse of lawn, well established perimeter trees and a series of listed and much-loved memorials.

Site Plan

We proposed an urban arboretum boasting a wide variety of shrubs and over seventy new tree specimens, doubling the number of trees in the existing square.  This would offer visitors a tranquil sanctuary, just minutes away from London’s busiest shopping streets.

A mirrored raised walkway circles through the canopies, conceived as a delicate piece of jewellery. The mirrored structure would create a tour around the square’s existing structures, looping around the arboretum, creating unique viewing points and an elegant backdrop to the existing memorials.  A circular clearing is formed by the looping walkway, creating a flexible outdoor venue that can host various events, incorporating elements such as lighting and a curtain to form a more intimate enclosure.