Location Columbia and Brunswick Wharf, Hackney
Start on site Design Competition 2017
Completion date -
Area 93 sqm

A prefabricated timber micro dwelling designed for quick assembly, perched on London’s otherwise redundant flat roofs.

Architecture Foundation

“The Antepavilion is an initiative to develop and display experimental structures. [It] offers emerging architects, makers and artists an opportunity to create new work within a complex and unique urban environment”

Photography: Ellen Hancock

The brief was to design innovative and alternative ways of living within the city. The judges sort an engagement with issues of sustainability and, in particular, the use of recycled and recyclable materials.

Photography: Ellen Hancock

Beautiful bright green Cabmen shelters once adorned the public highways of London, to offer shelter and sustenance. Very few remain as pressure on land and its value sores. We wanted to create a new type of London shelter – providing respite from busy city life and that could be perched on one of London’s many flat roofs.

The proposed shelter is formed from a series of prefabricated wooden ‘rings’ that stack one on top of the other, each dimensioned for ease of delivery and assembly.  The modules are wrapped in layers of green scaffolding netting which matches the distinctive green of the Cabman shelters, creating an ephemeral quality.

The entire structure could be assembled on site in a couple of days and is fully demountable and recyclable.

Photography: Ellen Hancock